Dnte - Exclusive Mix & interview for limonadier.net

I gave a short interview , here we go

1st question : What is your background and your next projects ?

I started with lyrics writing and then I realized music is the perfect language for me to explain my feelings and thoughts. I was enchanted by the colorful depth of the language that music transfers. Music could do what other languages can’t. I also learnt playing the piano and music theory as well.
I will have some new releases soon, like one song on Cascade Records and Resistant MindzClosed Expansion” double vinyl on the 4th of June. The Mono Massive – Staletights feat. Mosch ( Dnte remix ) will be available for free download at the end of May or beginning of June by Duzzdownsan Records and recently I have finished a song for Saturaterecords.
Of course I’m working on my new Dnte release too, these 2 songs will be released on 7″ Vynil.

2nd question : What kind of stuff do you use to make music ?

I use a lot of tools, but usually i work with PC+midi+instruments.

3rd question : What is your working method ?

I can’t name an exact working method. At first usually I have a strong rhythm or melody, bassline and I build up my music around these sections. I try to keep the feelings of the moment, and create those in the music according to my point of view.

4th question : What is the best song ever for you ?

It’s hard to say which is the best song ever for me . But i can say John Lennon – Love
This song is so simple and so powerful. And the lyrics…is perfect.

5th question : Do you like lemonade ?

Of course with double ice :)