Dnte remixes 2010-2013


I got some msg’s about my remixes and zip problem.
I decided to upload the pack , so here we go


Ambassadeurs  - Klara (Dnte remix)
Colonel Red - Rain A Fall ( Dnte remix )
Housefire - Mystery Thrill (Dnte remix)
Hősök - Oooh ( Dnte remix )
Karaoke Tundra - Oni (Dnte Remix)
Karaoke Tundra feat Bluebird - Hellacopter (Dnte remix)
Mechanical Elephant - Cigarette ( Dnte remix)
Mono:Massive - Staletights (Dnte Remix)  
Mr. Bill - Cheyah (Dnte remix)
Munis - Cortisonic (Dnte Remix)
Shatter Hands - Scrapmetal (Dnte Remix)
The Great Mundane -  Supra Mundane ( Dnte remix )
Vindahl - Head Over Heels feat. Coco ( Dnte remix )

Review of my new remix on Waxhole Magazine

DNte’s new tune is a remix of Hungarian songstress Takats Eszter and it is also a tune that exhibits the slightly off-kilter style DNte is so good at displaying. it’s a little off, but not wonky, so much as it is dark and twisted in a fun house kind of way. Working with this vocalist is another example of how this wonderful Hungarian producer, now based in Germany can work with originals, remixes or vocalists and turn his work into some fine spun gold. DNte (SoundcloudFacebook) is always somethign different with every tune and sometimes within the same tune you catch little items that might have passed you by the first listen or two.

Emufucka - Quark/4 \[Loveless] is available for download on Beatport, the world’s largest DJ and electronic music community. You can buy the vinyl soon too, and this is my remix from the great album.


Loveless Records

Loveless Records



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