The Eastern Bloc Series: Interview with DNte

Here we go the interview @ Beat Odyssey


We continue with our Eastern Bloc Series in this interview with DNte, originally from Hungary and now living in Berlin. His album Moments drops May 24th via Mad-Hop, a beats label currently based in Eastern Europe. We also asked Dnte about tour dates; “not yet” he said, they’ll be announced soon.

Beat Odyssey: How did you get started with music and where do you see yourself going with it?

Dnte: I get this question really often but let’s start from the beginning. Before music I had tried to draw and I had started writing lyrics as an mc ( that was a really funny time) and I used to go to Hungarian hip hop parties. I wasn’t really a popular mc, but I had some fans and I got some good feedback from the big names. Somehow I felt that words have too many limits, so that way wasn’t really what I was looking for to express myself (my thoughts, feelings…) that was only a life stage. Another important thing on this way was that I didn’t find music which really fit to my lyrics and my taste, so I started to create music and so on. Afterwards I bought my first piano when I was 14 and during those years I was digging really deep into the sample oriented hip hop music, but sometimes the golden years were so tiring for me so my soul was hungry for new things, I improved my skills in music theory and I used some other elements in my music and the rest is history. I would like to show my songs in many places where I can, will be a nice small EU tour after my Moments EP. I have some good opportunities and many remix requests but I would like to focus on my LP.

Beat Odyssey: What was it like making this album?

Dnte: About my Moments EP, actually I really had no concept when I was making it. I had something, but I can’t say that the concept was x-y, not like when I was making my previous album (Wake me Up). This time I just let the moment flow through me. Every song has its own moment – own universe. I’m really happy with the Moments EP, it was really great to work with Mechanical Elephant and Gargle & Expel.


Beat Odyssey: Who is blowing your mind in the music world right now (labels, Artists, Scenes)?

Dnte: I really like the latest album from fLako and Dimlite, Nosaj Thing. I like the directions of labels like Ninja Tune and Brainfeeder.

Beat Odyssey: What’s the music scene like in Eastern Europe for electronic music?

Dnte: It is quite hard to answer this question. I think in Eastern Europe we have so many talented artists and finally we are getting more attention day by day.

Beat Odyssey: Who are some of the stand out artists/beat makers?

Dnte: For me the most outstanding artist is Robot Koch. He is a genius, but we have so many standout artists in Germany: Hazeem, B-ju…and in Hungary: Headshotboyz and Yonderboi

Beat Odyssey: Favorite club/ music venue?

Dnte: I don’t really have any favorite clubs but I like to go to Cafe Wendel, Monarch, Gretchen. I think the soundsystem is the best in Gretchen, however it’s only my opinion. In Berlin I like party series such as HitYaWitThat, BeatGeeks. In Hungary I like the party series by Bounce records, and the Monday Session.