Dnte x punkpoprap – Exklusive Mix


Meet Dnte. The Cologne-based Hungary native drops an exclusive mix forpunkpoprap and gives us a peek into the world of one of the most interesting producers between Berlin and Budapest. Dnte‘s music was featured on XLR8R, and he’s been called the pioneer of a new sci-fi-esque genre of music. Sound like an exaggeration? Could be. But when it comes to glitch-hop, left-field, wonky, future beats, or whatever you wanna call this boundary-pushing space between hip hop and electronic music, Dnte is the man. The synth-heavy, side-chain inflicted sounds of his “Moments“-EP, released via Mad-Hop, remind us at times of a dystopian sci-fi soundtrack on the brink of chaos. This complex, sometimes challenging but never boring approach to music is reflected in the mix he kindly put together for us. Enjoy!

Dnte X Waxhole Magazine

I put some of my fav tunes into a mix for Waxhole Magazine. Check that out!

1) Phane & Esqu - Beautifall 
2) Cotton Claw- Switches 
3) Deft - Heart 
4) Mujuice - without you 
5) John Talabot feat. Pional - So Will Be Now 
6) Sau Poler- Rutes 
7) Jon Hopkins- Collider

Dnte X SoundCheck Collective Magazine

My new mix is online on SoundCheck Collective Magazine. 
1) D33J - park (tape version) 
2) Tropics - home and consonance 
3) Andrew Bayer - Echo (feat. Alison May) 
4) Slugabed - all this tim
5) Bonobo - First Fires (feat. Grey Reverend) 
6) Raffertie - Back Of The Line 
7) Insightful - Feel (feat. Kimberly Lola) 
8) Sorrow & submerse - Dim Lights & Meteorites 
9) Soosh - Never Alone ( Sekuoia remix) 
10) hellomynameisra.co.uk - 2DAY 
11) FREE THE ROBOTS - 2040 (feat. Jon Wayne) 
12) Ruddyp - Wanderers

Soundcheck Collective Mixes #17 - DNTE by Soundcheck Collective on Mixcloud

Dubmission radio show

Dnte – Could We Dance song in the mix of Dubmission

And here we go the great playlist : 

Jealousguy – Hydra – Zoooriginals #1 [Original Cultures] 
Mono:Massive – Keep Relaxin – Fear & Loathing In Beats [Urban Waves
Awkward – The Last Punch – Robot Soup [Potholes Music
Vlooper – Astral Plank – Snowloops [Music Is My Santuary] 
Abby Lee Tee – Fairy Floss – Fairy Floss EP 
Computer Jay – The Great Wall of Self-Awareness – Savage Planet Discotech Vol.1 [Pugilista Trading Co] 
Chief – Just In Time 
Karriem Riggins – Double Trouble – Alone Together [Stones Throw
Osunlade – A Time To Remember – Blue Note Revisited [Blue Note] 
Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Reeno’s 12” Mix Extended Version) 
Nik Weston Presents Makoto & Kez YM – Chameleon [Mukatsuku] 
Marvin Gaye – Mr. Man (LTJ Rework) 
Tim Toh – He Is A Dancer [Philpot] 
Bartellow – Sharp & Sequenced Eleven 
Alan de Laniere – Asia My Love – The Promised Land Vol.1 EP 
St Germain – Rose Rogue (Leftside Wobble Hustle & Bump Edit) 
Benjamin Brunn – No Kicks (XDB Reshape) – Third Ear Re:imagined [Third Ear] 
Ogris Debris – Next Life [Affine] 
Nina Simone – See-Line Woman (Ogris Debris Edit) 
Professor Inc feat. Kris Magnetik – Luvin – Aqua Marine [Soiree] 
The Invisible – Generational (Theo Parrish Edit) [Ninja Tune
Juju & Jordash – Track David Would Play – Techno Primitivism [Dekmantel] 
Dave Aju – Until Then – Heirlooms [Circus Company] 
Plasmic Shape – Keystone Killer – Serial Killer [Cromosom] 
joeFarr – You Got Some Front – On Further Inspection [Turbo] 
Octave One – New Life (Different World Remix) – New Life [430 West] 
Ghostek – Navigate Pt.1 – Navigate [Square Harmony] 
MonkeyRobot – Brick Stomach – The MonkeyRobot [Bastard Jazz] 
Ku.bo – Detox – Let’s Go [Bastardo Electrico] 
Bambounou – Splaz – Orbiting [50 Weapons] 
Hint – Crash & Burn feat. Natalie Storm (C.O.N.E. Remix) – Daily Intake Remix EP [Tru Thoughts
AM444 - Jiu Kuai Yao Zhi Xi – Rooms [Pause:Music] 
Maze Hill – Long Haul (Radio Edit Instrumental) [Wah Wah 45s] 
Domenico – Peteleco Zum – Cine Prive [Plug Research
Empresarios – Maria Juana – El Sonido Magico [Fort Knox] 
S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular! – Hipnose Electronica - Ritmada Eloquencia Poetica Vol.1 EP 
Frances Yip – Green Is The Mountain - The Man With The Iron Fists [Soul Temple Entertainment] 
Bugseed – Bugnus – Soundcraft [Cascade
Flume – Left Alone feat. Chet Faker 
Tame Impala – Why Won’t They Talk To Me? – Lonerism [Modular] 
Cashmere Cat – Paws – Mirror Maru [Pelican Fly] 
Positive Flow – Tapestries of My Mind feat. Andre Espeut – Flow Lines [Tokyo Dawn
Timo Lassy – It Could Be Better – In With Lassy [Schema] 
Sotu The Traveller – Twelve – Eunice 
S3 – Don’t Stop – Supa Soul Shit [Melting Pot Music
Grooveman Spot – Groove Me – Paradox [Jazzy Sport] 
Dnte – Could We Dance – Mad-Hop Vol.5 [Mad-Hop
Dotmatic – Brandnewfeelin (Juxtapose) – Lullabies For Fall [Record Breakin] 
Clear Blue – Vienna – Avant Garde Series Vol.1 [Cosmic Compositions] 

Dnte - Exclusive Mix & interview for limonadier.net

I gave a short interview , here we go

1st question : What is your background and your next projects ?

I started with lyrics writing and then I realized music is the perfect language for me to explain my feelings and thoughts. I was enchanted by the colorful depth of the language that music transfers. Music could do what other languages can’t. I also learnt playing the piano and music theory as well.
I will have some new releases soon, like one song on Cascade Records and Resistant MindzClosed Expansion” double vinyl on the 4th of June. The Mono Massive – Staletights feat. Mosch ( Dnte remix ) will be available for free download at the end of May or beginning of June by Duzzdownsan Records and recently I have finished a song for Saturaterecords.
Of course I’m working on my new Dnte release too, these 2 songs will be released on 7″ Vynil.

2nd question : What kind of stuff do you use to make music ?

I use a lot of tools, but usually i work with PC+midi+instruments.

3rd question : What is your working method ?

I can’t name an exact working method. At first usually I have a strong rhythm or melody, bassline and I build up my music around these sections. I try to keep the feelings of the moment, and create those in the music according to my point of view.

4th question : What is the best song ever for you ?

It’s hard to say which is the best song ever for me . But i can say John Lennon – Love
This song is so simple and so powerful. And the lyrics…is perfect.

5th question : Do you like lemonade ?

Of course with double ice :)