Dnte - Moments EP is OUT!

DNte - Moments EP is out! Listen to the whole album…
Mad-Hop || Mechanical Elephant || Filtercutter || Cotton Claw ||Thomas White 

Dnte: If you are open-minded enough you can realize that inspiration just comes from everywhere

Dnte is a producer who mix electronic music, hip-hop, soul, funk, wonky and many other styles. His EP Moments will be released 24th May by Mad-Hop Records label. It will be available in digital and limited vinyl version. Upcoming premiere is a good opportunity to ask Dnte about few things.

musicis.pl: DNTE, DNte, Dnte, dnte – I’ve seen few versions. Which one is correct? What does it mean exactly?
I found my name on the internet in many different versions too, but the correct one is Dnte. My name comes from the words Dante Alighieri and Andet. I used  d a n t e andif you sort the letters in a good way, you’ll get a n d e t. I eliminated letter a from my name so that’s why it’s Dnte nowadays. What does Dnte mean exacty? It’s an alter ego under which I show a piece of myself.

musicis.pl: How did your adventure with music start?
My adventure started with sample oriented hip-hop music. But before music I wrote lyrics as an MC. I had made many instrumentals for hip-hop bands before I started to create my own songs. I started to focus on the piano and real instruments. I learnt to play the piano and music theory. My debut Wake Me Up EP was much more unconventional comparing to the hip-hop music we are used to know, and it exceeded the borders in many ways. It contains elements of wonky, soul, funk, electro and hip-hop music, and balances them my way.

musicis.pl: You mix electronic music, hip-hop, soul, funk, wonky and many other styles – where do you find an inspiration?
My roots come from classical music and jazz, but many things inspire me, such as a beautiful picture, moments of life (river ripples, birds fly) and love. I really liked punk music, there was a band called Junkies, and I enjoyed the earlier period of their music when I was really young. I have the soul and funk influence from my mom’s side. Nowadays I mostly listen to classical music because it can clean up the daily mess from my mind, like a meditation, what I often do as well. If you are open-minded enough you can realize that inspiration just comes from everywhere.

musicis.pl: What artists/kind of music do you listen to? 
I mostly listen to the classical music but I really like Clark, Dimlite, Robot Koch, fLako, just a few names of my favorites.

musicis.pl: How do you create your music? Do you use only computer?
I work with Ableton Live with tons of VSTs, MIDI keyboard and if I have opportunity then I use analog stuff such as Moog, Juno too. Sometimes I start the process of creating music with drums, or melody, it depends on the song. I don’t have an exact way. I think recording a real instruments, noises is always a nice thing to do.

musicis.pl: What makes your tracks so atmospheric?
We should ask my listeners instead of me (laugh).

musicis.pl: 24th May is the date of your EP Moments release. What can we expect from it?
The Moments EP is like a bunch of songs where every song have their own unique world in their own universe. These are five moments. Whether the audience can get it or not, it depends on them. That’s why I gave the Moments title to it. I had no concept when I was making the EP.

musicis.pl: What is more important to you – listeners’ opinion or your own satisfaction? Are you satisfied with your music?
If I said  that I don’t care about the listeners’ opinion, I would tell you a lie. I am satisfied with my new stuff.

musicis.pl: Do you plan cooperation with any artists? Who would it be?
Yeah, I have many plans for my LP, but those can’t be announced yet.

musicis.pl: What are you doing when not creating music?
I’m hanging out with my friends, do some meditations…

Dnte - Moments EP Pre-order !

For all our early birds, you can pre-order the limited 12” vinyl 
DNte - ” Moments ” Ep of just 300 copies. 

You can listen to one track which will be also available in visual version expressing emotions of being apart ,showing objects inour life which surround us but maybe we can not see them everyday because we are looking for something else… 

On the Ep you can also find 2 remixes of great artists which names we are gonna announce soon. 
Order 12” vinyl for special available just now during pre-order 

Stay Mad!

releases 24 May 2013 


1. Dnte - Translucent 
2. Dnte - Fold Her (feat. Mechanical Elephant )
3. Dnte - Stoned
4. Dnte - Around my mind
5. Dnte - Out of control
6. Dnte - …. (Remix)
7. Dnte - …. (Remix)


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unfortunately, the time of irregular posting is not over yet. this post though is kinda different than anothers, including not only the great track, but also a little competition made by my fav, Dnte.

thanks to him, you can grab a free vinyl 12”. to do so, visit his fanpage and dig the details. meanwhile, enjoy his awesome tune here.

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