Bögrecast Mixtape Guest Series - Dnte Bögrecast Session

Bögrecast Mixtape Guest Series - DNTE Bögrecast Session by Bogrecast on Mixcloud

My guestmix is online now on Bögrecast Magazine. 
Tracklist :

Flying Lotus - Glendale galleria
Mount Kimbie - Would Know
robot koch - Cloud City ( iTAL tEK remix )
Ghost Mutt - Platinum Skull
Hol Baumann - Ephemere
Lost Twin - Microtones
DNte - Around my mind
T.I.P - Luv Luv
Zagar - Dream of a Machine
Paper Tiger - Air ( SertOne remix )
Nightmares On Wax- Be, I Do ( Jameszoo remix )
Lapalux - Gold ( ft. Jassy Grez )

Mix of the Day: Dnte on Electronic Beats Radio

Here we go the tracklist:
1) The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble feat. Emika - Pretend
2) SBTRKT - Hold on
3) Soosh - The way you ( Cyclist remix)
4) Nosaj Thing - IOIO
5) robot koch - True short edit
6) Dnte - Stoned
7) Hol Baumann - Scala
8) Sun Glitters - Insane
9) Lorn - Karma
10) Nosaj Thing - Us ( Jon Hopkins remix)
11) Dorian Concept - Her tears taste like pears
12) Flume feat Jezzabell Doran - Sleepless ( Shlohmo remix)
13) Brokenchord - Bluestar 
14) FREE THE ROBOTS - Invasion
15) José James feat Hindi Zahra - Sword + gun ( FaltyDL Remix)
16) Rudi Zygadlo feat YADI - Banana Tree 
17) Bibio - Dwrcan ( ESKMO Remix)
18) Dnte - Out of control


Dnte’s Brooklyn Radio Mix

Dnte is one of the newest, fresh artists to make impact on the scene of electronic music. We’ve been fans for a minute already, so it’s our great pleasure to have him in for an exclusive guest mix!!

Dnte achieved some unique sounding of his own, where the classic instrumentation is mixed with synthetic sounds, creating a surreal atmosphere this way. His debut ’ Wake Me Up’ Ep was much more unconventional compared to the hip-hop music we use to know, and exceeded the borders in many ways. It contains elements of wonky, soul, funk, electro and hip hop music, and balances them in his unique way. He finished his new album Moments and it’s out on Mad-Hop records now. Follow him onFacebookSoundcloudTwitter, etc

DOWNLOAD Dnte’s Brooklyn Radio Mix


Kingstux – Grol
Flume – Holdin on
Herobust – bandana pancakes
Soulpete – Nie martw sie o mnie chociaz inni przepadli
Clark – Com Re-touch
Charles Murdoch – No Lungs
Nosmo King – Guess What
fLako – sun-ba
Dnte – Fold Her (feat. Mechanical Elephant)
Digi G’Alessio – ESX1 Routine
Radiohead – Reckoner (Flying Lotus remix)
Dimlite – In Groups To The Hydrando
Wild Belle – Its Too Late ( Snakehips remix)
devonwho – sageburnsredux w/ suzi analogue
Juj – my room
fLako – Ring Di
Flume – Insane (feat. Moon Holiday)
Robot Koch – Patience
Subp Yao – OG (Luisterwaar Remix)
yoggyone – memory (feat. taha aitabi)
Comfort Fit – superposition

The Eastern Bloc Series: Interview with DNte

Here we go the interview @ Beat Odyssey


We continue with our Eastern Bloc Series in this interview with DNte, originally from Hungary and now living in Berlin. His album Moments drops May 24th via Mad-Hop, a beats label currently based in Eastern Europe. We also asked Dnte about tour dates; “not yet” he said, they’ll be announced soon.

Beat Odyssey: How did you get started with music and where do you see yourself going with it?

Dnte: I get this question really often but let’s start from the beginning. Before music I had tried to draw and I had started writing lyrics as an mc ( that was a really funny time) and I used to go to Hungarian hip hop parties. I wasn’t really a popular mc, but I had some fans and I got some good feedback from the big names. Somehow I felt that words have too many limits, so that way wasn’t really what I was looking for to express myself (my thoughts, feelings…) that was only a life stage. Another important thing on this way was that I didn’t find music which really fit to my lyrics and my taste, so I started to create music and so on. Afterwards I bought my first piano when I was 14 and during those years I was digging really deep into the sample oriented hip hop music, but sometimes the golden years were so tiring for me so my soul was hungry for new things, I improved my skills in music theory and I used some other elements in my music and the rest is history. I would like to show my songs in many places where I can, will be a nice small EU tour after my Moments EP. I have some good opportunities and many remix requests but I would like to focus on my LP.

Beat Odyssey: What was it like making this album?

Dnte: About my Moments EP, actually I really had no concept when I was making it. I had something, but I can’t say that the concept was x-y, not like when I was making my previous album (Wake me Up). This time I just let the moment flow through me. Every song has its own moment – own universe. I’m really happy with the Moments EP, it was really great to work with Mechanical Elephant and Gargle & Expel.


Beat Odyssey: Who is blowing your mind in the music world right now (labels, Artists, Scenes)?

Dnte: I really like the latest album from fLako and Dimlite, Nosaj Thing. I like the directions of labels like Ninja Tune and Brainfeeder.

Beat Odyssey: What’s the music scene like in Eastern Europe for electronic music?

Dnte: It is quite hard to answer this question. I think in Eastern Europe we have so many talented artists and finally we are getting more attention day by day.

Beat Odyssey: Who are some of the stand out artists/beat makers?

Dnte: For me the most outstanding artist is Robot Koch. He is a genius, but we have so many standout artists in Germany: Hazeem, B-ju…and in Hungary: Headshotboyz and Yonderboi

Beat Odyssey: Favorite club/ music venue?

Dnte: I don’t really have any favorite clubs but I like to go to Cafe Wendel, Monarch, Gretchen. I think the soundsystem is the best in Gretchen, however it’s only my opinion. In Berlin I like party series such as HitYaWitThat, BeatGeeks. In Hungary I like the party series by Bounce records, and the Monday Session.




Alpha Mix by Luk Lechuck on Mixcloud

i got this sweet mix via msg thanks! my Mono:Massive X Vertual Vertigo - Staletights (Dnte Remix) with Jonwayne ,SlugabedDaisuke Tanabe , THE GASLAMP KILLER//// YoggyOne //// , Coco Bryce , robot kochDizz1 , Elaquent,FULGEANCE so let’s go