Dnte x punkpoprap – Exklusive Mix


Meet Dnte. The Cologne-based Hungary native drops an exclusive mix forpunkpoprap and gives us a peek into the world of one of the most interesting producers between Berlin and Budapest. Dnte‘s music was featured on XLR8R, and he’s been called the pioneer of a new sci-fi-esque genre of music. Sound like an exaggeration? Could be. But when it comes to glitch-hop, left-field, wonky, future beats, or whatever you wanna call this boundary-pushing space between hip hop and electronic music, Dnte is the man. The synth-heavy, side-chain inflicted sounds of his “Moments“-EP, released via Mad-Hop, remind us at times of a dystopian sci-fi soundtrack on the brink of chaos. This complex, sometimes challenging but never boring approach to music is reflected in the mix he kindly put together for us. Enjoy!

Dnte’s Brooklyn Radio Mix

Dnte is one of the newest, fresh artists to make impact on the scene of electronic music. We’ve been fans for a minute already, so it’s our great pleasure to have him in for an exclusive guest mix!!

Dnte achieved some unique sounding of his own, where the classic instrumentation is mixed with synthetic sounds, creating a surreal atmosphere this way. His debut ’ Wake Me Up’ Ep was much more unconventional compared to the hip-hop music we use to know, and exceeded the borders in many ways. It contains elements of wonky, soul, funk, electro and hip hop music, and balances them in his unique way. He finished his new album Moments and it’s out on Mad-Hop records now. Follow him onFacebookSoundcloudTwitter, etc

DOWNLOAD Dnte’s Brooklyn Radio Mix


Kingstux – Grol
Flume – Holdin on
Herobust – bandana pancakes
Soulpete – Nie martw sie o mnie chociaz inni przepadli
Clark – Com Re-touch
Charles Murdoch – No Lungs
Nosmo King – Guess What
fLako – sun-ba
Dnte – Fold Her (feat. Mechanical Elephant)
Digi G’Alessio – ESX1 Routine
Radiohead – Reckoner (Flying Lotus remix)
Dimlite – In Groups To The Hydrando
Wild Belle – Its Too Late ( Snakehips remix)
devonwho – sageburnsredux w/ suzi analogue
Juj – my room
fLako – Ring Di
Flume – Insane (feat. Moon Holiday)
Robot Koch – Patience
Subp Yao – OG (Luisterwaar Remix)
yoggyone – memory (feat. taha aitabi)
Comfort Fit – superposition