CR PODCAST 52 by Dnte 102012

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Talk with Dnte…

CR - Where are you from?
Dnte - I come from Hungary, and I live in Berlin.

CR - Tell us a little about how you got started making beats?
Dnte - In the beginning I wrote lyrics and then I started to write hip hop beats, because I couldn’t find any music that totally fulfilled my taste.
I extended my knowledge about it and I started to learn classical music on piano too. I fell in love with hip hop. I was impressed by sampling techniques, the world of the sampling, deep bass and groovy rhytm.
Some years after I started to focus on instrumental music.

CR -Can you describe your musical style and inspirations? 
Dnte - I find it very hard to answer this question because of the labels that people usually use to describe music .
Let’s see -> (hard groove rhytm + classic instrumentation + sampling + synthetic sounds + surreal atmosphere )*on my own way = my musical style.
The inspiration just comes from everywhere. The moment, the silence, spirituality, car traffic, sounds of nature are inspire me to make music.The important point in this case is how openminded we are.

CR - Favorite piece of gear? 
Dnte - My hands :)

CR - Can you describe your mix for CR?
Dnte - I mixed songs which are favourites nowadays.

CR - Favorite(s) Album,EP,track or musical moment in 2012?
Dnte - I have a lot, so only some : 

Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue feat. Kazu Makino
Cartographist (Daedelus’ Pacific Labyrinth)

CR - What are your future new projects? 
Dnte - Im doing some collabs at the moment with some other artists, remixes and also working on my stuff.
My next step is a physical release on Mad-Hop.

CR - Your favorite food and drink?
Dnte - food: Vadas

drink: cabernet sauvignon

CR - Specials shouts? 
Dnte - thank you to all who hate and who love me.

Shouts to Dnte / Low / Repeat Pattern / Sal / Cascade crew

Here we go the Dnte song from CLOSED EXPANSION vynil LP -

The joint project of the 2 Labels Cascade Records and Resistant Mindz is out now! Closed Expansion is a surprising melting point. A heavy loaded catalogue of artists coming from Japan (Ichiro_, RLP, Fitz Ambro$e, Repeat Pattern) , USA (Ackryte, AL_PD, Broke ..), Germany (Dnte, Duktus, Reed Flavor, Josip Klobucar .. ) and France (FantastikClick & Sport G, El Stoof) which perfectly fits together. There is also a great Story behind each Character, giving an insight into the cosmos of the Movement..